Lumia and Windows XP

Frustrated that Microsoft and Nokia haven’t got it together to allow you to connect your shiny new Windows 8 Phone to your good old XP machine.  Well now there appears to be an acceptable work around.  Slightly cludgy, but the end result is good.

Windows Phone 8 and XP

Make sure you have the latest updates for your Windows XP machine.  You can check this using the Windows Update option in Internet Explorer (Tools Menu for IE 8).  Then make sure you have the latest Update for your phone.  This is done on your phone, simply go to Settings and then Phone Update.

OK, now connect your phone to your PC using its USB cable.  After a few seconds one or two windows will appear.  First deal with the one below. I recommend you select ‘Yes, this time only’  and then hit Next.

Wiz 1


Now Select ‘Install software automatically’ and hit Next

Wizard 2

 Finally make sure you check the box ‘Don’t ask me again to install this software’ and hit Finish.

Wizard 3

Now, you may have to go through this loop more than once.  This is probably because XP is seeing the phone as a number of different devices (e.g. data drive, camera, maybe even a modem).  Just make sure you select ‘Don’t ask me again to install this software’ each time.

OK, if a second window appeared it was probably like the one below.  This is asking what you want Windows to do whenever you attach your phone.  Personally, I don’t want it to do anything.  If you want it to show you this dialog each time you connect your phone, simply select what you wish to do this time and click OK.  Make sure ‘Always perform the select action’ is NOT checked.

Action Window

For my purposes, I don’t want Windows opening every time I connect the phone so I selected ‘Take no action’ and checked ‘Always perform the select action’.

Great, now lets test it.  Connect your phone and you should either get

1. the  above dialogue, because you did not choose ‘Always perform the select action’

2. a phone icon appear in the system tray (bottom right), because you chose Take no action and checked the ‘Always perform the select action’ box.

System Tray


If you now go to My Computer you should see your phone.

My Computer




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