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Sync Windows Phone 8 with Multiple Google Calendars

Sync Windows Phone 8 with Multiple Google Calendars

Having problems trying to Sync Windows Phone 8 with Multiple Google Calendars?  You are not alone. At the end of 2012 Google and Microsoft started a spat and Google decided […]


Sync iTunes with Windows Phone 8

Syncing your iTunes music library with Windows Phone 8, especially on Windows XP can be a nightmare. Here’s a quick fix for these issues that even solves the split music albums issue that is sending so many WP8 users crazy.


Flixster for Windows Phone Now Supports UltraViolet

At last! The extremely popular Flixster app for Windows Phone 8 has now been updated to provide support for video streaming of UltraViolet movies. On every other platform ther Flixster […]

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Vine on Windows Phone 8 – Launch

The Vine app for Windows Phone 8 has just been released (November 12, 2013) and offers some cool features not found on the iOS and Android versions. Vine is a […]

Windows Phone 8 Mac Connector 2

Sync Windows Phone 8 With Your Mac

The lack of drivers or software to allow Windows Phone 8 users to easily transfer their files to and from their Macs has long been a source of frustration. Why […]

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Connectivity Shortcuts – 5* Windows Phone App

Connectivity Shortcuts is one of those must have apps for any Windows Phone 8 user. This is one of those apps that should have been included with the operating system […]

Windows Phone 8 Tips

Switch between apps in Windows Phone 8

Most of us have used the Back Button on our Windows Phones to cycle back through recently used apps. What many of us didn’t realise was that taping and holding […]

Winodws Phone 8 Tips

Find your stuff on Windows Phone 8

This is another well produced snippet from Microsoft to help those new to Windows phone find their way around. How to find your: Apps Quick Links Games Contacts     […]

Lumia and Windows XP

Windows Phone 8 and XP

Frustrated that Microsoft and Nokia haven’t got it together to allow you to connect your shiny new Windows 8 Phone to your good old XP machine.  Well now there appears […]

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Flixster is fantastic app for checking up what’s on at the cinema and which films are on the way.  It is an international app and works really well in both […]

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Looking for a great YouTube app for Windows Phone 8, then look no further than MetroTube. If you have tried YouTube apps on the iOS or Android handsets then your […]